Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And they would all go down

Well hopefully everyone had an awesome patch day. It was really bad last night. I disconnected about 5 times during the raid grrr >_<.

We did DK wing, avoiding Abom wing due to lagfest for the first 2 hours. But I guess it wasn't just on Abom wing! What should have taken 3 hours took 4 hours.

We managed to at least get this achievement last night

I really liked the changes they implemented for Fury Warriors. So I did a couple of things to my gear before the raid.

- bought the emblem of valor boots and put AP replacing my Iron spring jumpers which had alot of hit

- went and bought glyph of Whirlwind cause it adds dmg now instead of an additional target.

- regemmed chest and neck piece. I just exchanged socket colors but jsut taking more advantage of the +ap on the ring ditching the +hit from the chest.

It was really laggy last night. Good dps plate drops.

Check out the max tick for my deep wounds though. New personal high for me.

This was from Thaddius where I did 7800+dps with +dmg buffs but still that's some sick DOT.

I got this one from you know who

Pretty nice belt, I'll be putting a gem(16str) on that belt and then removing the expertise gem from my leggings for 16crit.

I also got this one from Malygos last night

Best boots till Ulduar really.

All these small upgrades here and there will come to play when the new instance comes out and it's back to me fighting(or justifying) my spot in the raid. Should be fun!

Betrayer of Humanity dropped last night and as planned(or as they planned)it was handed over to a Ret pally /shrug. It's not a whole waste but we'll see tonight on 3 drake sartharion and next week on how I'll be keeping up on dps with my so-so weapons.

3D Sarth tonight hopefully wouldnt last longer than an hour. I'm eyeing for that helm mmmm....


Darraxus said...

I wish I could get into more Naxx 25 runs. I can make the guild one because of the start time :(. I unfortunately have to pug most of my raids.

Kinzlayer said...

I'm with you Darraxus but fortunately on Cho'gall the pugging, at least the raids, have not downgrade to bad puggers (knock on wood for it never to come to that). I like that Blizzard wants to let everyone see their content but some people just don't care enough to learn the content and wants to float on other ppl's effort.

I'm a bit behind on my warrior reading, are we back to needing just 9% for the soft cap?

Herc said...


I'm not really sure anymore. I'll check EJ later when I get home. I'm still above 9% either way thanks to the removal of the Penalty for TG. It allowed more room for stats like str and crit.

Brandon said...

Haha nice. We've had a DK cry every Raz kill because that belt never drops. Gratz

Chad S. said...

Congrats! - LOKI actually got that achievement last night as well. I posted a blog entry / guide on how we did it, and I'd love to hear how your plan was different!