Friday, January 30, 2009

We just got a Wii

Actually it was the wife's idea. She brought it up 2 weeks ago about she wanting to have a Wii console. I think it was the Wii fit and playing classic mario games that led to this.

So we take a looked at our monthly finance spreadsheet to see where we are at and we've both been pretty good even during the holidays, really surprising. We don't have any kids/babies(yet) so it's really really easy to save/invest money. So financially it was ok for her to buy a Wii, I wasn't up against it anyway I'm up for some Nunchucks action. Wooo!

The wife stopped by couple minutes ago to drop the Wii that she bought and here I am staring at this white box wondering what other games I can buy to enjoy this console. Zelda comes to mind and that's it! I gotta do some research on the hot games for the Wii and prolly gamecube .. hmm prolly the re-worked Metal Gear Solid 1?

Tonight after the wife knocks herself out playing Wii Sports I'm going to download nintendo classic games, particularly super mario brothers 1 and 2. Should be an exciting and fun weekend.


Teaspoon said...

I would say when I saw a Wii on the store shelves two weeks before Christmas, my wife and I were excited that there was one and we bought it, along with a Wii Fit. Just something to do during the whole cabin fever, get out of the freaking cold here in Minnesota. We played it but in the end, its just sitting there, even after buying a few games on the virtual console/wii ware. I'm holding on to it so I can catch Super Mario Galaxy and other good games, but ugh, Nintendo is perfectly fine re-releasing the same games, a.k.a. Pikmin.

Great system for the casuals out there but I myself have preferred playing more 360 and PC games.

Herc said...

I too prefer playing 360 games mainly because most of my friends has that system. Multiplayer is such a big factor.

PS3 has been used and abused so far, renting Bluray movies from netflix.

I'm not too sure with Wii fit either. It sucks that I have to buy a Wii network adapter to start downloading some classic games. I can see being used more when we got visitors of the three systems.

Darraxus said...

The Wii is incredibly fun, but I stopped playing it after a month or so.