Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blizz threw a bone at me

Well to be specific I got the Jawbone(I know .. I tried), a 2H mace from Heroic Maexxna. I'm grateful and all but the problem now is to min/max my weapons ... I have to:

1. Re-enchant Armaggedon with +AP(it has mongoose atm).
2. Enchant Jawbone with Mongoose because it's going to be my main hand.

And then ... when Betrayer does drop(I'm next in line) ... I'm going to have to re-enchant Jawbone with +110 AP then put Berserker on Betrayer.

That is alot of enchanting and re-enchanting!

I might give in today and do it anyway ... sigh

I also got Fury of Five Flights last night from 3D Sartharion. I'm going to replace Grim Toll despite the amount of ArP it gives me, the hit it provides is meh. I thought about replacing Mirror of Truth for it but the crit and proc just outweighs Grim Toll alot. I'm looking forward in using this trinket next raid reset will be interesting how much AP I can push for.


I guess I've been out of the loop in the fishing business since I just found out about the fish food that gives +40Str. Seriously! I'll be afk fishing tonight hopefully this will end the mammoth massacres(80 AP food) that I participate in during non raid days.


Darraxus said...

That would be the Dragonfin Filet from Dragonblight. I have the recipe and made a nice chunk of change off of it. Fishing is boring though, so I have just been mining for extra cash (and doing my dailies).

Kinzlayer said...

awwww, you guys kill me... I love fishing!!! maybe the few people who do. It's kind of relaxing and I don't have to fly around constantly watching the mini-map for the yellow dots. I just fly to an island and cast my pole.

Ps - I do use my find fish but often times I just sit back and cast, much more relaxing with a beer in my hand.

Darraxus said...

@ Kin: If im mining or herbing or fishing I still have to look for damn dots because I only fish out of schools 0_0