Friday, January 23, 2009

Picking my Gaming Genre

The first game I played involving a controller was Mario Brothers on a FamiCom/SNES one of the oldest consoles that was released. So I guess I got a thing or two on platform games.

I was introduced to LAN gaming and First Person Shooters playing Counter Strike back in 2000. Now this game was addictive. Best part was my 2 younger brothers was also into it, it was also the worst part. Our parents would know where I was at cause of them two! We would join city tournaments and we usually end up 3rd place-5th place. We would go city to city looking for good players and would challenge them sometimes for money. It was a fun experience

My 2nd LAN game was Diablo II. My first dose of RPG games. Click, click, click and click. It wasn't an MMORPG but it was immersive enough.

I was also into Real Time Strategy games. Command and Conquer Generals was my favorite of them all. We made a network during my Technical Training School days at the Air Force. Kept us out of trouble for the most part.

From LAN games I started poking my nose around online games. Some of the games were Killzone, NBA live series, C&C Generals, Champions of Norrath, and Counter Strike. Eventually it would lead me to a game called World of Warcraft, my first MMORPG back in 2004.

By playing games that promotes multiplayers I came to learn and love different game genres.

I guess interacting with other gamers was more fun for me be it killing dragons or shoving an MP40 up their asses.

Currently my favorites are MMORPGS and FPS online.

Now most FPS has a progress bar with rewards just like MMORPGS! One of the notable ones that started this trend was COD 4: Modern Warfare. I'd still play the game even w/o the xp bar though what they did was brilliant. I get to see some progress, do some achievements, get better guns later on and still pwn nubs!

I usually do my gaming on Consoles when I'm not chasing dragons and trolls. The thought of playing shooters using a controller couple years ago was horrifying. Thankfully the Xbox360s controller is perfect for shooter games.

I can't really pinpoint why I like MMORPGs. It's certainly a mix of things. I like doing quest, just getting lost on my pixelated adventurer. I also like the thought of beating a scripted encounter with good coordination and strategy which results in a feeling of accomplishment and phat purple loots.

I also like a good action/adventure game from time to time, Uncharted:Drake's Fortune is a good one and of course how can we not mention the Metal Gear Solid series. Single player RPG games are "alright" I don't really finish them as I usually get sidetracked by doing tons of sidequest. I think I got Fallout 3 coming in the mail by next week so we'll see how that goes. I haven't really played Fabled or Fabled II. I tried Oblivion but damn that game is too long and too open ended. I only finished Final Fantasy X under my belt.

It's been awhile since I played some RTS games. Now that I think about it I might reinstall C&C later tonight. There hasnt been alot of new release for them(RTS games). I personally think it's dying and it is past its era. With Halo Wars coming out though who knows /shrug.

You know what's really tough to find? Finding gamers who are into both MMORPGs and Shooters or at least the same games that I play. I get a feeling of being a loner whenever I ask in guild chat who plays some FPS.


Chad S. said...

I Like FPSes as well. Half Life 1 & 2, TFC, Deus Ex, Red Faction, Unreal Tournament - amongst some of my fav. games.

Darraxus said...

I like FPS, but all of my gaming time is consumed by WoW. I used to love playing CoD and CoD2 online.

Dorgol said...

RTS games have been less popular for a few years. Sins of a Solar Empire is supposed to be pretty good...

And you mentioned Halo Wars without mentioning StarCraft II?!?

If I had to place a bet, I'd say SC2 will keep RTS alive for a long time.