Monday, January 26, 2009

Pro tips for COD5 Veteran

So I guess your a masochist for wanting to finish any campaign in the Call of Duty Series in Veteran mode.

Here are a few advice that I can give based on my experience with the latest installment.

1.) Use Cover and crawl alot - You will learn this really quick on your first level on veteran.

2.) It pays to be agressive sometimes - One negative thing about COD5 campaign is sometimes they put you in the worst part to get out of chokepoint. There were multiple times that I had to charge forward while taking quick headshots along the way so I won't get cornered by those pesky grenades.

3.) Make good use of your teammates - you can take advantage of this by trying to find "invisible line" that when you cross it your teammates advanced. While they are advancing they just miraculously get better at aiming and kill your enemies alot quicker.

After they advance then decide from there if you can advance again. If that is almost impossible then I suggest start picking off enemies and start crossing that invisible line once more.

This might be considered a cowardly act but I do like it better than me getting my face blown off in a matter of seconds.

4.) Smoke grenades - these are a life saver. Don't waste them but at the same time don't be too cheap! Use them wisely.

5.) Throw back grenades - COD5 is known for being World of Grenades. It really gets ridiculous. Only thing you can do is throw them back. Luckily most grenades in campaign takes awhile to go BOOM.

6.) After a frustrating session, save your game and try again the next day. This has worked really well for me. I tend to think abit more clearer the next day when I'm not all agitated.

Tough COD5 Veteran Mission tips

1. One on One Sniper action - this one took me an hour to beat. The trick is get a good place to hide where you can only see 1-2 windows. If anything you can shoot at his shoulder when he is up against a wall. Your bullets go thru walls remember?

2. Destroying Flak 88s - one of the most retarded missions. One advice will be don't forget to use the Panzershrek laying around. They will show zero on the ammo count but don't forget it's already loaded

If you are stuck on a mission even if its not on veteran mode feel free to ask.

I have finished all but COD3 of the COD series on veteran mode so far this one seems to have the most grenade spamming bots in it. Be prepared to get frustrated. I'm not exaggerating when I say you want to throw your controller at your tv out of nerd rage. But please don't, big screen tvs are not cheap! Unless you want an excuse to get a new tv. *wink

My project for recording my Xbox360/Ps3 games will have to be postponed in another month or so /sigh. It's a bummer but I have to allocate my time/resources to something else.

I have 2 main reasons for this project.

1.) To share with my brothers and friends to show what I've been up to.
2.) To help other gamers on tough levels. I know there are standard videos on youtube but who knows I might help a poor soul out there.

In other news

The wife is thinking about buying a Wii console. I was all acting cool and all saying it's up to her but I'm really excited hah. Best part is it comes with the wii sports games.

Also finished MGS4 on normal and I got the Pigeon Rank at the end. It's a rank you get when you finish the whole story w/o killing anybody. My next goal will be to go thru the game w/o being detected. Will be a tough one but I know I can pull it off.

I'm about to start school again, going to join the late start classes but it's all good since I'll be getting money from my G.I. Bill regardless.

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