Monday, January 12, 2009

Raid ID problems and anime/game thoughts

Well since Tuesday we only have attempted Sartharion once ...

Tuesday - too much lag so we went to naxx

Wed - our only attempt of the week so far. We managed to kill 2 drakes consistently but also kept wiping on the third drake consistently! Mix of firewalls, adds, void zones and debuffs makes this fight chaotic the first few minutes.

Thurs -We finished malygos off earlier that night but invisble/ninja raid id fucked us over at Sartharion with 3 drakes.

Fri-Sat = off, that's what I like about this guild

Sun - still having raid ID problems

and ...

Monday - we'll see tonight if our raid ID problems has been resolved.

Anime thoughts/reviews

Macross Frontier

I mentioned last week I was going to finish the last 4 remaining episodes. Overall the anime is great and the story was better than Macross Zero.

It ties up with the original macross series so the references made to them was just nostalgic.

Sadly I think the ending could have been better. Some fans say the story took a nose dive halfway thru the series. IMO it was fine. The way they ended umm... I dunno it's just me but I want some closure dammit!

It would have been nice to know who Alto(main character) picks. Rick Hunter(robotech/macross series) chosed Lisa at the end instead of Minmay. So I expected a closure like that /shrug.

I really think he's in love with Sheryl since he made that promise before that fight but the director keeps showing hints that he might also be in love with Ranka.

Well dammit pick one already!

If it was me I'd go with Sheryl, she can be stubborn sometimes but Alto can get thru her. Ranka is like Alto's little sister so that's another reason.

Anyone got comments about this anime?

Imma look for another series this week to finish.

Game thoughts/review

Left 4 Dead

Holy crap this game is so much fun. Killing zombies and fighting for survival is fun by itself but it gets amplified when your with a good team communicating/helping at each other.

I had so much fun with 3 other players who I just met. You have to trust your each other because you can't go Rambo in this game. If you can't find other players online you can have bots help you. The bots do a good job for the most part at least in normal mode but I just prefer another player.

Of course there are players who are inexperienced on shooters. I try to be patient but IF YOU KEEP DIENG CAUSE YOU CHOSE TO GO DOWNSTAIRS BY YOURSELF while the others up upstairs taking a stand against a HORDE of zombies and then later you cry cause you got killed ... geez dude.


I got the idea on trying out this game from tobolds blog regarding Mech games. It's a 3rd person MMOFPS game. You level up and stuff =P. More to come this week but so far I like what I'm seeing plus its free.

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