Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Now or never

Well finally the officers decided that we won't be doing anymore Naxx until we get some really good progress on 3 Drake Sartharion.

We did the event for 2 hours but our tank keeps getting insta gib and alot of people are dieng cause of the Firewalls and Void zones, including me! Well not so much void zones but Firewalls. I guess I was just focusing so much on pumping as much dps as I can that it's too late by the time I move to avoid it.

I heard there was a way to make DBM make a sound/alert when Sarth Churns for the firewalls. I'll mess around that tonight.

I'm running out of northern spices so I'm going to just use another food buff besides my 60 AP Mammoth meal until I get about another 10+ or so.

So tonight I expect a huge repair bill, lots of food buff being consumed, lots of yelling ... well there is no yelling actually but rather a subtle I will kick you from the raid/guild if you keep doing that statements =).


Darraxus said...

Lol. Gotta love the threats to be kicked from the raid. Usually a tool for people to get their head out of their ass even though a kick rarely happens. When it does, it opens some eyes.

Yada said...

lol, yea normally works for me, RW, if we wipe again people will be removed

Sidenote: Just came back to school, and i've been catching up on my blog reading, and i came across your beating the other fury warrior because of armor penetration, how much armor penetration would be good and how did you go about getting armor penetration gear, cause i can't find very many pieces.

Herc said...


I really didn't look for Armor Pen, they just came with the gear I was getting.

Right now I'm still at 16.89% armor ignore which isn't bad.

Check my armory on the items that has ArP.

Remember though don't go out of your way to find ArP it's not worth as much as Str or Crit. Gotta still focus on Str, Crit, getting hit and expertise cap.

Chad S. said...

We spent about two hours working on two drake OS the other night. I get the feeling that avoiding lava waves and void zones just take the same repetitive learning/dying as Archimonde.

On the other hand, we're going full focus on Malygos tonight. I think the "nothing else till X dies" approach does work, doubly so if it gets to the point that something else really doesn't get run so people know you aren't bluffing".

Herc said...

Yeah after 2 hours of working on 3 Drake they decided to finish the night of with 2 drakes up.

Going from 3 to 2 was cake and we one shotted it and called it a night.

Here's to a whole week of wiping!

Kinzlayer said...

hehe but nothing sweeter then making that final kill after wiping a few weeks (fond memories of the early days of BC raiding).

Yada said...

Yea, our stats are all simliar, you beat me in them all but not by much, 1% crit, 100 AP, 1% hit, big dif is the armor pen, rotations are similar.

Questions about your spec tho:
1. I understand you don't like the 2 points in enrage, probabbly will change that in my spec, but why skip the 3 points in cleave instead of the 2 in dodge, because with that you will be attacking 2 targets at once for trash, should increase your dps no?

2. And the 3 points in tatical instead of the stuns/charm reduction? When is switching stances really a thing during raids, cause each second ur charmed/stunned, arent you losing dps? Just some wonderings, might be noobish but just wondering, normally top 3 on dps, but i consider anything other than first a fail, especially being the one in 1st is a DK

Herc said...

Regarding your questions

1.) I'm assuming you mean 2 points in Weaponmastery for -Dodge for the cleave.

Well I put points in there so I don't need as much expertise. Getting 4.5% reduced dodge rate is better than 6.5%. That means I need less expertise gems/enchants to be cap and then I can focus more on Str.

I guess if I had enough expertise from my gear that the 2% is almost nothing I can spec something else.

Just a personal preference but I only use cleave on trash but not really on bosses. I have a small window as it is to fit Slam, WW and HS at the same time managing rage to have enough to use BT. If there is an excess of rage I just spam HS.

2. I don't really have a reason for this maybe ... oh now I remember. I saw a post somewhere that they use Rend at first then switch stance. But I don't even do it lol, so yeah point taken that those 3 points are wasted.

I can't seem to remember any bosses that does stun/charm for that matter. Maybe I'm getting old.

EDIT: Speaking of Tactical Mastery, I'll just intervene later when I'm late to move from a Firewall ... hopefully the guy I don't intervene to is not on a Void zone.

Herc said...

And of course I understand Warriors being competetive =)

Fights like Thaddius, Loatheb and Patchwerk where we usually just stand there is where we shine the most.

For some fights it just sucks for us especially on 3 drake Sartharion uuugghhh I hate moving around back and forth. Hunters and Mages rules on that fight.

Esdras said...

Seems guilds are progressing quickly now.

I cant wait to go to Naxx for the first time may try get a pugg this weekend.