Friday, January 16, 2009

3 Day Weekend Plans

Polar Bear

I'm not giving up on you Mr. Polar Bear! I'll still do my dailies just incase the RNG gods finally smiles upon me.

Movies and Animes!

We got just received War and Hellboy II Bluray from netflix so we might knock one of those out tonight. Prolly Hell Boy. I'll do a /random 1-2 to decide.

Going to watch Code Geass and Gintama(reffered by Brandon). I find it relaxing actually especially when the wife is also into it.


Going to work on my xbxlive achievements. I want to reach around 18k or close to 20k(currently at 16k+) before I make the switch to playing a game on PS3 if its released on multiplatforms. Going to work on those trophies.

Anyway here are my library of games that I might play this weekend:

Left 4 Dead. I still have yet to finish one of the levels cause of some unfortunate pairing with FPS challenged players . I think thats a nice way to putting it =P. This will be my main game for the weekend.

I'm also playing COD World at War campaign on Veteran but I'm stuck on the 2nd to the last mission. Talk about grenade spamming these guys have an infinite amount of them when playing Veteran. I might have to back down and play the last 2 missions on Hard mode. Prolly play some coop missions online too to change it up abit. When my buddy that took a vacation to hawaii comes back I'll no doubt spend a good amount of time on this one.

I don't really find the motivation to play the multiplayer part longer than 30 minutes unless one of my RL friends logs in. I guess thats where it comes down to for me.

Gears of War 2. Campaign was no doubt a blast but I'm not touching the multiplayer again till the patch rolls outs this month. I'm really disappointed with Epic on this one. Like COD I'll prolly do some online co-op missions this weekend. Hit me up if you want to play Campaign Co-op.

Guiter Hero 4. Although it's not the best game of the year I and the wife do have a good time when we rock out. I'm still getting used to the drums. Whenever she's on the vocals I switch back to lead guitar but we tend to avoid this setup when its around midnight hehe. I'm prolly going to rent Rock Band 2 since the peripherals from GH4 "should" work.

Metal Gear Solid 4. I'm still mad/bitchy/enraged that there are no trophies/achievements arrgghh... if they release them this month I have no problem playing thru the game again. I'm still playing the game although this time my goal is to not kill anybody but to use Tranquilizer gun on everybody including all the bosses. It's been tough so far but oh man has it been a blast.

Too many games so little time /shrug. I will probably only end up playing 2-3 games that I mentioned and it won't be a 4 hour marathon either.

That's it for me this week. I'll be back on Tuesday.

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Esdras said...

I have only just started to do my dailies but man are they spread out more than in TBC.