Friday, January 23, 2009

Code Geass series review

Wow what a ride! Seriously! This anime will be easily on my top 5 best anime series. I'm not surprised this series won tons of awards last year.

The wife and I really had a good time episode after episode. This is one of the few series that we have watched together(cause if I skip ahead she'll get mad).

They really had strong characters. Probably too many characters but nonetheless the main characters are pretty solid and they are not your typical cliche characters. The story was pretty good. The plots and twists in the entire series was just out of control. Voice acting and music were also A+.

The overall pace is alright but at the end of season 2(last 7 episodes) it felt things were going way too fast. Season 1 was more ... hmm whats the word ... organized? Although sometimes it felt like I didn't know where the story is headed Season 2 is still strong.

The ending although sad(I almost cried ... almost) nicely wraps up the series. I don't really want to give away too much.

For those not familiar of animes. This isn't like the shows you watch on cartoon network. It's the opposite. A good anime will have a good story, plot, interesting characters, and good animation. If it doesnt make you want to watch past the first 2 episodes then it's a good indication it's a bad one, at least for me.

If your interested in watching the series you can download them thru torrent or you can sign up on sites like and download the series from there. If anything just download the first episode and go from there =P. Remember Code Geas R1 = Season 1 and r2 is season 2.

I'm back to watching Gundam 00 2nd Season which is shaping up to be another winner.

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