Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A week of playing the AH

It's been about a week now since I started playing the AH. I started with 300 gold and within a week I am now sitting at 10k gold. I could have had more if I didn't spend flying cold weather mount on two of my toons(soon to be 3). If you read my last few posts I was aiming for 10k gold by the end of the month! My hopes are high that I will be sitting at 20k gold come August.

I started with belt buckles but now I am starting post a couple more item like enchanting scrolls, rods, and some rare gems. I've run into some AH campers and I really don't have the time to hit the cancel button on my QA3 every minute so I just let them undercut me. I will try to slowly break into the alchemy business and get more into JC. I'll post a report on some lessons learned and AHA moments by the end of the week.

PVE wise, I am one achievement short of getting my Red Proto Drake. What sucks about it is it doesn't involve skill but pure RNG. I need to kill Moragg from Violet Hold on Heroic to finish the Lockdown achievement. I have never ever seen him come up as a boss at VH ever! Maybe once while I was leveling up. I can't believe it has come down to this but I guess it just means I need to try every day to see if I would get lucky.