Thursday, July 1, 2010

Back to Azeroth

Hello to anyone reading this!

About a week and a half ago I decided I'd give WoW another shot since my summer classes are about to end and I figured I mess around and see what new things WoW has to offer.

All I can say is ... Whoa! The game is totally from the game I left last year March(Ulduar wasn't even out). The very first thing that I noticed is the Dungeon group finder. Holy shit that thing is nice, granted there are some negative effects on the community but overall it is pretty awesome.

My first week

I started the quest where you need to run FoS->PoS->HoR. Those 3 new instance are pretty fun and what's important is it can be finished around 30 minutes or less.
So I'm all excited but I noticed that the queue time for a DPS is around 14 minutes! Holy crap! So wanting to do more heroics I decided to bust out my 4k GS tank gear and start queuing up(not sure if less than 3 seconds would count as a queue) as a tank which brings me to ....

What the hell is up with GearScore? When did this Sh!t start? When I left there was no such thing! Only requirement was know your class and be able to follow instructions and adapt to different situations. I hate it to be honest as most groups tend to overgear it.

When we got the realm first for clearing Naxx or realm first for clearing Obsidian Sanctum, we didn't have the gearscore addon but we did do a check of gear. Our officers made sure we had the best enchants/gems and gear from heroics. I hate it how your gear score defines your for some players. Sigh, I guess this addon is here to stay ... /rant off

Ok back to happy place now

By the end of the first week I managed to amassed a good amount of emblems that I used to buy tank gear so I can tank some more. I also cleared the heroics versions for the 4 new instances. I have to say that they are very well done.

I also started doing Argent tournament dailies, now these are something new to me. I am currently one quest away to be open up the dailies for the champions

Second week
Not much upgrades for me since I have bought most of the emblem gear. I'm sitting around 4850ish GS. Only thing I want are specific drops which is starting to be a pain in the ass. My goal is to get as close to 5k GS so I can start getting invited to some random pugs for ToC 10/25.

Rekindled interest in Raiding
I also found a couple of my former guildies. I talked to the GM of their guild and as of last night I am a trial member with the recommendation of my former guildies. My problem is my gear, the only thing they have left to do is H LK 25 so you can see a pretty big gap in the gear right there. GM mentioned he first needs to see that I am willing to raid and of course see how I do. I don't expect being handed H ICC 25 gear, only thing I asked is that hopefully they have alts that will need a low geared tank like me to tank like TOC or something.

I need gold!
I started looking at my professions and decided that I want to have lots of gold. I only have about 8k gold so I need to invest those and hopefully get around 50k by the end of the month. I just wnat to be ready when Cata hits.

As you can see I'm pretty excited coming with all these "new" stuff for me and I can't wait to explore the new raid dungeons. I will keep posting updates on my toon(s) and my gold making adventures.

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