Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Last monday night my guild didn't have enough people to try H LK 25 man. So one of my friends started to form a group for normal LK. I asked if I can join and BAM I got the invite. Mind you that I just got back from a long break(since march 2009) and just got back about 2 weeks ago.

With my 5400 GS, my friend told me to tank LK at the beginning. He procedeed to give me the lowdown of the fight for a couple minutes. It was my first time being there and I haven't read up on the fight so I was just following instructions on the fly. I

On our third try, we got LK. Granted most of the guys are overgeared for it but hey I was grateful that they let me tag along, see LK, get Kingslayer, and then get a token to upgrade a T10.

Whats funny is I've seen Lich King dropped but I haven't seen past PP, lol? Also I don't have enough frost emblems to buy a T10 that I can upgrade ...

I got the Kingslayer title but I won't be sporting it till I see the whole instance. I'll stick with my server first titles for now =).

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