Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Why Some People Can Never Play WoW Casually

Back to playing WOW,like most WOW Vets do, and so far I am liking it. I like how they made more WOW more casual and that you can just take it easy and still see reasonable content and gear.

But, old habits die hard and I find myself min/maxing: doing dailies to get rep, grinding heroics for that one or two BiS pre-raid gear, leveling professions to get those extra stats, reading up on Bosses of whom I may never get to see, and reading theory crafting about Warriors, DPS, Tanking, and WOW in general. I think I was top 20 best geared warrior in the realm and I haven't even stepped into a raid let alone be in a raid group.

I guess this is a problem for those who used to play WOW and are used to the demanding environment of a top end raiding guild. I asked one of my old friends who used to be in a top guild and he said he can never play WOW casually because he will always want the best items and it would just consume him that he doesn't have them. I don't think my friend is alone in this one and if you are one of the "old vets" please leave a comment and share your thoughts.

Most of the folks I raided with have families now and more responsibilities and have shifted to playing WOW casually but you cannot take their

I am currently in a guild who is competitive enough that they are top 8 in the realm. I did not sign up for their regular raids as I have no more time for them but I did sign up for their 10 man group. In the end, I just want to raid be it only 10 man, see the bosses, wipe, learn from it, kill the boss, and onto the next boss.

In addition to seeing raids, I also want to get into Arenas. Last time I've played Arenas was in BC and I feel like I missed out on not playing them. I'll be making a couple posts about my arena adventures here pretty soon.

Thanks for reading and safe travels.

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