Friday, July 16, 2010

Now this is just crazy.

Last night's AH adventures was a little bit slow at first but it picked up right around 11pm eastern time when most of the raids are done. Belt buckles were still selling but the one thing that is just truly perplexing are the prices for saronite ore and saronite bar.

I made a killing last night buying stacks of ore for 15g then smelting them and selling bars for 55g per stack. For some reason people needed saronite bar so I kept smelting my bars. The highest bar I sold was for 65g per stack! Considering I only invested 30 gold, heck that is an awesome deal! What makes me wonder though is the people that post the ores have the ability to make it bars yet they dont ... is it because the amount of time it takes to smelt? Or is it because they also wanna supply jcers to prospect ores? I'm not saying they should start making it bars but I'm just wondering why they just settle for ores.

I'm looking forward to this weekend mostly because I know there is going to be a lot of cheap mats on the AH. Currently sitting at 6kg, still can't believe I got this far just by investing 300g last Saturday and using my untapped crafting professions such as BS, JC, and enchanting.

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