Wednesday, July 14, 2010


About a week and a half ago, not even two weeks of playing WoW since I came back, my account got hacked. I am pretty good with PC and Internet security so the only reason my account has been compromised that I can think of is the critica/serious security with Adobe. If you haven't updated to 10.1 do it now. I am surprised they didn't do much effort in getting this info out more to the public. You can read about it at the technical services at WoW official forums.

Getting locked out of your account and running naked and poor around dalaran is such an awful experience. All my lvl 70+ toons got stripped. My lvl 62 DK though was not naked though so I just played that toon while waiting for my account to be restored. Blizz sent me a mail saying it takes about a week or so but they managed to give me my items back 2 days early. Because of this event, I ordered an authenticator. Took about a week to get here. I've scanned my pc for malware, spyware, keyloggers, viruses and the likes and looks like my PC is clean. Hopefully this incident won't happen to me ever again.

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