Thursday, July 15, 2010

Noobing it up at the AH

Last night was a decent night of AH adventures. The one thing that I sold the most last night was eternal belt buckles. I sold about 10-12 of them. At one point I was the only one selling it so I kept posting it for 50g. Considering it takes about 20-23 gold to make one belt, that's a pretty good profit.

Another surprising item that kept selling was solid sky sapphire. I bought the uncut gems for 10-12 gold, turned around and sold the cut gems for 50 gold each. I sold around 7 of them. Another excellent profit!

The rest of my sales was enchant scrolls, enchanting rods, and fishing stuff. Now I am sitting at almost 5k gold. Considering I started with 300 gold last weekend I think I am not doing so bad. My goal is to reach 15-20k gold at the end of the moment.

I would like to expand though. I have an alchemy who is sitting at 300ish skill and a tailor who is at 350ish. I'm thinking of leveling them up so I can enter the alchemy and tailoring market. My approach though will be the same as blacksmithing, enchanting, and jewelcrafting, I will try to pick 2-3 items that is not too crowded and concentrate there.

As soon I break the 20k gold mark I think I can start buying tons of cheap mats like a wannabe AH player spending around 8-10k on mats. For now though I am content with just crafting a few items and collecting around 1-1.5k gold per night.

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