Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Maximizing Tradeskills or just plain Crazy?

I currently have blacksmithing and mining but I am in the process of getting rid of mining for jewelcrafting. This would really help on min-maxing my stats. I know a good amount of players in my guild has 2 crafting proffesions and gathering proffesions on their alt so I figured I'd joined the club.

Making all raiding members min-max their proffesions will not work in my guild. The only time it worked really well and everybody in the guild was up for it was waaaay back in the 40man raids where we ended up getting in the top 5 U.S Horde guild when Naxx just came out. Those days ... are over. Even with Ulduar coming out gear check won't require everybody to be 100% min-max to clear it.

Right now I am leveling up mining on my lvl 62 DK. All I can say is ... finding Tine ore is a B!tch! I'm stocking up materials on the way so the minute I drop mining I can immediately proceed to leveling JC.

I figured getting extra sockets from blacksmithing and extra stats gems from JC is a really good combo be it tanking or DPS.

I must admit that this decision has got to do with my friend, who is a fellow TG warrior, is beating my Bloodthirst by a good margin. Granted there are small(and I mean small) differences in gear but I can't let the gap widen or else I'll find myself on the bench come Ulduar. That would really make me a sad panda, I live for the first boss kills after a dozen or so wipes =). There's something about learning an encounter, adapting and beating it.

The drawback of course is losing my gathering proffesion AND having to level up my alts in order to max them. My druid who is almost lvl 71(enchanting and skinning) and my dk lvl 62(mining). I have invested about 2 hours into this endeavor and it looks like I need around 6 hours more!

Hopefully I can finish this project of mine by the end of the week.


Darraxus said...

My Druid doesnt really have any professions at the moment, so once he hits 80, I think Im gonna go JC/inscription since I have my Warrior who mines, and my Paladin is an herber and miner.

Kinzlayer said...

Herc, do you use any map mods, like Cartographer? There is a really awesome mod that works with Cartographer, namely Gathermate (Curse.com) and Gathermate_Data that shows all the potential locations of nodes (mining, herbal, fishing, battered chest, etc) on the full size map (in term of icons) as well as the mini-map (in term of red circles).

Things said...

Dont forget the "wowhead data" from wowinterface for gatherer
Happy Hunting errr gathering