Monday, February 23, 2009

Guild Drama! How it turned Sour

It was inevitable I suppose.

The guild started strong, getting 3 server first and titles (in less than 3 weeks) that no one else in the server would ever get(Conqueror of Naxx, Magic Seeker, and Obsidian Slayer). Now it's on the brink of breaking apart.

I don't really know what happened but here are some of the factors in my opinion:

1.) Losing the race to get first in 3 Drake Sarth server kill - This is not the main reason but one of the factors that slowly killed our guild.

2.) People got bored - Clearing all 3 instances in 2 nights in 3 months get's REALLY REALLY boring.

3.) Domino Effect - When people start posting that they are done with the game that gets contagious.

4.) This Drama - Last but not the least this "incident". Check this out.

GL posted in the forums was made asking if people still want to continue raiding, he also mentioned his account was cancelled and will only reactivate if the guild lives on. A good amount of raiders did respond they still want to continue.

The raid formed up the next night and it was full on time! The officers were in charge. That hasn't happened in awhile. 30 minutes later the Guild leader logged on. A few minutes later he left the guild with the gbank(all the gold and mats on it). He logged on his alt and started demoting every officer that was in the raid.

We found out later that when he logged on he asked to get invited in the raid. The raid was full and

10-20 minutes later he invited his main toon back to the guild and gave the gold back.

That move alone I guess was the final nail to coffin. Raiders were uneasy and really wasn't sure where the guild is headed to. A good amount still want to raid and for those people a shaky guild isn't their best interest.

Uncofirmed Info:

A secret source has informed me that the only reason the GL opted to keep going with the guild was that he tried to join our rival guild but got declined.

The Coupdetat

After that little incident, rumors started spreading that a majority of the officers and a good amount of the core raiders was going to

One of my friends and fellow dps warrior already joined another guild. He asked me if I was angry, I replied not at all! Why would I?

I told him "you have to look out for yourself first". He wanted to raid and the environment of the guild that he was in was no longer in line with his goals.

What's my position in this issue?


I wanna see how this all plays out for the next 2 days. I will prolly stop raiding for now till Ulduar is about to come out and then I'll go from there.

I didn't like the rumors about the GL appint to our rival guild add to that the fact that he left the guild because he didn't get invited to the raid that was full.

Will I leave the guild and join the coupdetat guild if formed?

I don't know. I guess if most of the core raiders are in there I would join. I gotta be realistic though. I gotta see if that new guild will have a stable leadership that can lead it thru the new instance. I don't have the energy to app to another guild so playing with the people I know is really ideal for me.

I'll make another post in the next few days if anything major comes up.


Darraxus said...

And all this after you switched to JC! Sucks man, but you cant hold a good warrior down.

Herc said...

I know man!

Well I still keep the bonus anyway + I've made about 3500 gold so far from JC so it's not a total waste.

Chad S. said...

Good luck, whatever you decide to do.

Guild drama is lame. Being part of something so successful in T7, and then being unsure of who your raiding T8 with, is even worse.

Orgauth said...

The following is said purely on what I've read and "instincts", and is my unfiltered knee-jerk impression:

Sorry, but your "guild leader" is not a leader at all. I get the sense that he views the guild and its membership as tools to HIS ends - though he would never come out and say that.

If I'm completely off-base, then I apologize. Maybe I've been spoiled by a guild with phenomenal leadership and virtually no drama for almost 2 years - all done while managing a membership of over 100 unique accounts and 300 toons.

Good luck to you, and I look forward to reading more posts about your WoW exploits!

NightKnight said...

Sorry to hear about the guild break up man. I went through that about 8 months ago with my old guild when our old raid leader wanted to take back the reigns for BT content on. Never fun and a lot of work to get everyone back to the right mindset.

I ended up leaving my old guild only because I met my girlfriend in the guild I'm in now lol. Everything's going great and we're now on our way to Sarth 3D and 6 Min Maly.

I hope you find a good new home!


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's rough. When an officer quits the guild, it can make things shaky, but when a GM does it and then behaves the way he did? It's just a matter of days now.

Good luck whatever you do!

LarĂ­sa said...

That sounds pretty much doomed imo. I really hope things will srot out for you.

NightKnight said...

Well, I was a top officer for my old guild and was well respected by all. Recently they decided that they'd post some nasty messages on their guild officer forums that I just so happened to read. Completely disrespectful and disgusting remarks they made sealed the deal that my choice to leave was probably the best thing I've done in the game for a while. Some of the people I expected a hell of a lot more out of were just as coniving and delirious as the one who I thought was a friend who started the post.
I've lost a lot of respect for certain people in that guild and it took up until now to really see how they work. They didnt think at all, nor did they know my situation (I moved guilds to be with my girlfriend and they said that i left to go on to raid bigger things lmao).

Even though I tried to leave with as much dignity and respect as possible, they kicked my alts from the guild when I said I'd leave them there because I wanted to talk to those I cared about in the guild. They coupled my leave for the reason why my friends left and what "selfish" things they did in the process. I've always been courteous and respectful, but they drew the line.

People can be retarded sometimes, you just have to face the facts that not everyone thinks with their brains first.