Tuesday, February 17, 2009

900+ ores, 1k gold and 8 hours later

Actually I think it's more than 8 hours as it took me most of Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon to FINALLY get 350 Jewelcrafting. Hooray! I did it just before the raid and even managed to get 3 Dragon's eye thanks to a friends help <3.

Friday was all about mining ... and mining and mining on my DK and Warrior gathering thorium and Saronite ores respectively. Come Saturday the excruciating pain of leveling jewelcrafting from the ground began. I got up to 280ish then called it a day. I then finished it up on Sunday.

The worst part of all of that is the process of sending items back and forth in between 3 characters add to that me running to the mail box everytime I run out of space.

Determined to get at least some of my investments back I sold a bunch of stuff(from leveling JC) yesterday on the AH. I easily did about 100 post. At the end of the night I got about 950 gold from all of my AH post that day. The items I was posting weren't expensive but ranging anywhere from 2.5 gold to 20 gold.

To break even, in my opinion I need to make 2k - 2.5k gold. I included the ores and oppurtunity cost. I will no doubt post another set tonight. Hopefully by the end of the week I reach my goal.

Oh and of course Betrayer of Humanity drop that Sunday run! The week where I agreed to get switched to group 2 =). My fellow warrior has to be pissed about that since I left it up to him which group he wanted to go and of course he pick group 1 last week ha ha ha. There are 2 items left that I need from 25mans: bracers from Gothik and the cape from Kelthuzad. I'm still working on my fishing though maybe I might work on it while watching tv ... I need a wireless keyboard so I can just sit on the couch.

The guild bank provided the Abys Crystals and after a few minutes after the raid I got it enchanted with Berserker. I also have berserker enchant on my offhand now and I know they both can stack but I'm wondering if the static 110 AP on the offhand will be better since berserk on offhand will proc less.

WoW is pretty boring atm and it's been awhile that I spent this amount of time on it during a weekend. I would do achievements or arenas but it's not really an interest for me right now. I guess the best thing about WoW is there are small stuff that can keep you entertained or at least give you a goal even when your are playing casually. An example for me would be leveling JC, posting on AH and leveling fishing.

Netflix via Xboxlive kept me entertained while leveling JC and selling stuff at the AH. I get bored really easy if I'm just doing 1 thing on my PC. I started watching Numb3rs Season 4(yes I know I'm a geek) while playing WoW and so far It's been entertaining.

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Darraxus said...

From what I have seen, you should be able to make the money back in no time. I have thought about JC but it just seems like such a grind.