Friday, March 27, 2009

Got Hacked

Some bozo charged my debit card $147 to some company in London called Elustra LTD. Really?! I looked them up and no number and website to reach them ... nice.

I have been using my credit card online since 2003 and I haven't had this happened before ... so I guess I can eliminate what websites that I used for my primary suspects.

What's funny is how I discovered it. I was doing our monthly expenses early this morning and the fraudulent charges wasn't there yet. 30 minutes later I checked my account again and BAM! There it is! I called my bank and had my card cut off. I stopped by my bank during lunch time, got a new card and submitted the complaint and they said it can take 3-60 days till they can give me my money back.

I'll be doing a sweep on my PC again and now have to go thru all the sites that I have auto pay on ...

Also found a charge for $1 from Itunes ... I gotta call them up today and see what's going on. It's not about the $1(ok maybe it is a little bit) it's the principle!


Chantel said...

the same thing happened to me last friday!
so i was doing some research as to what the moron actually was doing with my $$$.
like what gives?
i also shop online and this person has been doing a lot of shopping.

Chantel said...

omgosh!!! the person that hacked my a/c also bought itunes! is it a coincidence?

Chantel said...

do you think it could be the same person? coz i checked the sites this moron purchased stuff from and it was all from the uk!

Herc said...

I'm not sure but the pure coincident of having charged from a UK company and from the itunes at the same time is something to think about ....