Monday, March 2, 2009

Homeless ... again

On my last post I mentioned that I joined a reformed guild which 90% of it's members are from my old one.

Well last Friday night ,when I logged in, Herc had no Guild tag! Apparently the guild broke up only after a night or two since being formed. Talk about being unstable. I talked to a couple of friends I knew who were in that guild and they said people just started leaving and they had some officer problems/disputes.

At that point I wasn't really sure if playing WoW would be an option for me even if Ulduar comes out. I logged on Sunday around lunch time and I saw one of my friends from Renascent, he was also in the guild that broke up. I asked him what happened and he pretty much said the same thing. I told him that I was disappointed at what happened and the fact that I was homeless.

Right then and there he said he would get me in the guild he was in. He told me the Guild Master in the guild he's in is in hes 5v5 team. He then went on that the GM wouldn't wanna be kicked from his 5s and that they were rank #2 on our Battlegroup. Keep in mind, this guy likes to talk shit alot. He talked to the GM, gave me some positive feedback and a few seconds later the GM whispered me.

He told me that they already have 2 Fury Warriors but he would force one of the guys to be Protection mainly because of my gear and background(good rep from being in the former best guild in the server). I took the offer(sorry other dps warrior =/) and joined my new guild.

What I wasn't expecting when I joined though was my old GM from Renascent is also in this guild as a council/raid leader. I guess he was offered a spot in the guild to help lead raids. I thought he was quitting but it doesn't matter now. Him quitting or not the break up of Renascent was going to happen.

Back to my current guild. We did Malygos and Sartharion 2 Drakes. The execution and strat was different add to that about 50g worth of repairs and it was pretty much the same =P. Granted the skill level and experience is different but I don't care anymore if we get server first. The raid are scheduled on Wed-Thursday. Only 2 days of raiding! Works for me.

So here's hoping this guild won't go BOOM after 2 nights or 2 months.


LarĂ­sa said...

I'v never been into the pain of a guild dissolving. It really must suck to log in and find yourself homeless. I keep my fingers crossed, hoping that it will work for you.

Chad S. said...

I came back from my Honeymoon to find out that the raiding guild I was in had dissolved (way, way back in classic WoW). It does suck.

Your going to find a good home - I'm sure of that. When and where, I wish were more clear : (

Occeleta said...

Yeah it sucks to be in a guild that just gives up. I was in a guild that was progressing quite well. But then pre-wrath came about and people got bored and/or was in beta or just quit the game. So raiding got called off.

Then wrath came about and there were factions. There was a handful who powerleveled to 80 and wanted to raid right away so left for other raiding guilds. There were those who leveled a decent pace but wanted to be with friends who left pre-wrath. Then there were a handful of us who got to 80 and wanted to stick around and try and keep the guild going but the GM was so butthurt and kicked out of spite. I was one of those.

I talked to some officers and got back in but eventually just left. When I wanted to raid with them they wouldn't let me in, instead accepting some pug or friends from other guilds. Eventually when they wanted me, the GM would be pissy about my being saved. Not like I could wait for them to decide to use guildies forever.

I am now happily unguilded, or technically in my own guild to take advantage of having a guild bank, with just a few real life friends.