Wednesday, March 11, 2009

There's always a first time for everything

Last night I filled out my first application to a Guild. On all the guilds I have been in I was one of the forming members, was asked if I was interested in joining, or I just simply asked if there was a spot and got a ginvite from there.

It really felt weird writing the app being my first time and all. I've always been on the other side watching raiders putting their self out there in the hopes of joining our ranks. I've never made fun of anybody though so I hope that's good Karma =). How was your first experience apping to a guild?

If I don't get in then I don't get in and if I get kicked out of my current guild cause of my application well w/e I don't care. I think I can get in to a decent guild if I really wanted to. The guild that I'm apping is one of the best in the server and 3 of my friends from Renascent is in there so a familiar face would be awesomesauce.

EDIT: You can view my first time app and laugh it up over here.

Also I logged in on Killzone 2 last night and I got a special Icon on my rank because I was one of the top 7-10% players last week, they change it weekly. Wowza! Really?! This is a first getting an award for being one of the top players on a FPS. Wasn't expecting that at all. I've only played for about 3-4 nights last week but I did get a streak where I was either first or second scoring massive points in kills. /cheers

You can also view my Kz2 profile over here.

Update - added a link for my app online and KZ2 profile.


Anonymous said...

I've never app'd for a guild. I've posted that I was looking on PlusHeal and in the WoW forums, but never app'd.

In your opinion, are applications necessary or just a waste of time?

I know in my last guild we used it as an initial screen. Unless someone came off as a complete idiot, we accepted most anyone.

Chad S. said...

I'm blown away by people that "don't app". I can almost touch the edges of their reasoning, but coming from the GM side - I can't agree with it.

With so much of the focus of this game becoming personal ability - having the opportunity to write an app (particularly where comments are solicited) is the best possible opportunity to show yourself as an intelligent/dedicated/fun/ect person to play with.

Herc said...

I guess if I was a total outsider for the guild then an application is needed no doubt.

The guilds that I just got invited w/o an app was backed by officers in that guild who knew me. Fair or not I guess it worked out for me and them =P.

@my App
looks like my app is getting alot of views but few replies. I'll give it a week then I'll move on. What do you guys think?

Anonymous said...

I think a period of one week is usually sufficient, but I've read that you should give two weeks. Seems kind of long to me. They should know in the first five minutes whether they want to talk to you.

Herc said...


Right now fuckers hi-jacked my thread. It looks like my chances are low, theyre talking about my old GM and apparently some of them didn't like him.